Pricing: Prices may vary according to distance, number of pets, medical requirements and cleaning involved. If you are a new customer a home visit will be arranged to discuss your individual needs and to set the price.


Payments: Payments by Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Cash, no cheques. A deposit of £10.00 is taken upon booking to secure dates, non-refundable, this will be deducted from the total fee payable, the balance is to be paid in full before completion of services rendered. Invoices and/or receipts can be supplied if requested. 


​Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received within 48 hours will be refunded, anything less will be charged for at the normal rate. Cancellations must be in writing by text or email within the 48-hour window. However, we do reserve the right to retain the £10 deposit. 


Bank Holidays: Pet care requested on Bank Holidays will be charged at double time when booked in advance. Short Notice (within 24 hrs) bookings will be charged an extra £3 per visit: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Years Day: Prices are doubled per visit.

Visit Times: Whilst we endeavour to meet your booking slot, times may vary depending on traffic and workload.

Medication: All relevant customers will be required to sign a Consent Form for the administration of medication. This gives us permission to administer in accordance with your instruction and eliminates us from any blame and responsibility if your pet has an abnormal reaction to the medication. A Vets Release Form must be signed that gives us consent to transport your pet in the case of an emergency.


House Liability: We are Police DBS/CRB checked to enter your house legally with your permission, to carry out the duties you have requested and we are not to be held responsible for any break-in's or damage to your property while you are away. 

Keys: Our DBS/CRB certification allows us to hold customers keys, they are discretely tagged and kept in a safe place at all times.


In Case of Emergency:  All customers will be required to sign a Consent Form for Emergency Vet visits, this gives us permission to transport your pet to your chosen Vets Surgery for consultation and either wait and return them home or deposit them into the Vets care for further treatment. Any costs incurred are to be covered by you the customer and paid immediately upon receipt of evidence of expenses. You will be contacted immediately there is a problem with your pet and we will act upon your instruction. If, however, you are not contactable and neither are any of your emergency contacts available, you give permission for us to act in yours and the pets best interest to get your pet to the Vets as soon as is possible. We are not to be held responsible for your pet's illness. Rest assured we will on no account ever make decisions on your behalf regarding surgery or euthanasia of your pet.